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Our Main Services

High reliability precision individual parts is a key ingredient. Processing equipment is composed of NC machine a number of beginning with the machining center horizontal, vertical, large equipment ultra-precision electrical discharge machine sculpted shape wire cut, grinder jig, such as grinding and profile has been deployed more .

Machining Part

Processing machine parts for Automotive industry, electronics and household appliances. CNC lathe machines can meet your requirement such as:

* All parts of the component will be designed 3D file and machined by CNC machine.

* Materials: Aluminum, Iron, Steel, Stainless steel, Copper

* Get any quantities products.

Mould Part

Processing mould parts of Plastics Injection Molding, Blow molding, Die Cast Tooling, and Metal Stamping Tools ….

Depending on the require of the customer, we get technical drawing or sample after that we can design with applications that simulate CAM and CAD and perform machining.


With years of experience in the field of design and manufacture jigs, Kato Precision Vietnam always provide our customers with optimal design fixtures with guaranteed on request.

In processing, we provide specialized jigs such as checking fixture jigs, jigs processing, assembly jigs…

What We Offer

Kato Precision Vietnam pursuits of perfection. We care about the little details so you can care about the bigger opportunity.

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