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EDW , ED Machining Process


Wire EDM services are applicable to mold and die-manufacturing processes and are increasingly used for making prototypes and production parts. Industries that make frequent use of wire EDM machining include automotive, aerospace and electronics. Specific applications include the manufacturing of blanking punches and extrusion dies as well as in metal and tool fabrication processes. The highly precise nature of the process makes it ideally suited for working with delicate, complex or intricate parts.

EDW, ED Machine Processing

Wire EDM machining offers an array of important benefits during the manufacturing process. Because it can remove materials without exerting a high amount of cutting force, it is ideally suited for situations requiring low levels of residual stress.


Wire EDMs are employed to cut very intricate shapes and precise forms from hard metals.

Our Mitsubishi and Sodick machines are capable with accuracy to 0.005mm

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