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Grinding Machining Process


Kato Precision Vietnam is a major manufacturer of large scale surface grinding machines and has been making a large number of deliveries to machine tool manufacturers, jigs, the automobile industry as well as the die industry, receiving highly positive evaluations.

We will continue to provide products that respond to the needs of our customers, which are expected to keep on diversifying in the future.

Grinding Machining Process

Kato Precision Vietnam has perfected the tooling and techniques to grind complex, close-tolerance configurations on difficult-to-machine metals. Combined with decades of experience and state-of-the-art equipment, we offers a cost-effective alternative for these mission-critical components


  • Grinding dimensions: 300×600 mm
  • Parallel, flat, warped vertical: 0.005mm
  • Cross section and groove width can be polished with precision 0.005mm
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